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Cosmati Natural Beauty Products

Alyssa Cosmetics offers the complete series of Cosmati beauty products for face and body, and also products for tanning and solarium.

All the products are based on plants and enriched with natural active components and essential oils. All products are made in our own laboratory.

The Cosmati products are available in big quantities for cabin use (250ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000ml), and also in sales packaging (50 ml, 100ml, 200ml,...).

It is also possible to make a cosmetic series following your specific desires with your own logo. Our company is unique since we can also deliver little quantities at interesting prices. This system is very much recommended for “end of the year” presents with your own name and logo.

You can choose your packaging, name and company logo. Ask for more information, pricelist and documentation.

Also concerning wholesaler’s prices and quantities you can contact us.

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